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Research consultancy

Research consultancy

Are you an organisation interested in people in pain? We understand people in pain. Ask us to...

The pain jouney

The pain jouney

The pain journey. Understand, control and live your life.

Do you need support

Do you need support

Do you need support, are you in pain? Do you need to share your story or tell your story....

Chronic Pain Australia

Who are we?

A group of volunteers including people in pain, researchers, health professionals and advocates who work towards de-stigmatising chronic pain.

What do we do?

We provide high quality user-friendly research-based information and support that puts you at the centre of our attention. We support a 24/7 forum.

How can we help you?

If you live with pain we can help you understand and control it. You will find support and connection with others on our forum, and stay up to date when you receive our free e-bulletin.

National Pain Week

National Pain Week 2015 - Monday 20 July to Sunday 26 July

The theme for NPW15 is "Pain: Let's Talk About It".

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Event Manager Intern wanted for National Pain Week 2015 and ongoing as a consultant

Although there is a voluntary internship initially, the longer term aim is for the position to be remunerated. The intern will assist the convenor drive the delivery of successful National Pain Week, an annual event, demonstrating skill in creativity, innovation and strategic thinking. The position will report to the Board of Chronic Pain Australia. The successful candidate will operate from their own office, attending meetings as required in Sydney. Approved out of pocket expenses during internship will be provided. CLick on the image below for a full job description. Great opportunity for someone who wants ongoing opportunities.

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Update: What's happening in National Pain Week 2015?

Feedback from people living in pain has a consistent major theme – it is the invisible burden that we don’t want to talk about, often for fear of the consequences. Let’s break the silence and reduce the stigma of chronic pain. 

This year we are in two cities: Brisbane and Sydney and again in the Big Red Bus. 

We are having a one day conference at the State Library of NSW on 24th July - featuring an afternoon of speakers, music, displays and discussion. 

Again this year we will have a Q & A discussion to round off the day.

Do you want to join us at the conference?

The National Pain Week website will be live soon with all the detail.

Forum Moderator interns wanted 

Chronic Pain Australia runs a 24/7 forum for people living with pain. We are looking for interested people who would like to undertake a 3 month trial as a moderator.  Successful interns will become moderators for a twelve month period with an option to continue indefinitely with reviews annually. They will work on a rotational roster basis. 

you-can-make-a-difference-pic 3Click here for details on how to apply to be one of our forum moderators


Do you love someone in pain?

Your needs are important too. Your health and wellbeing may be at risk.

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Chronic Pain Retreat


Dr Coralie Wales

Ms Petrea King

2-6 November 2015

Quest for Life Centre Bundanoon


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Participate in Research

We are happy to support research that contributes to a greater understanding of the experience of living with chronic pain. This page is to present the opportunities that are available for people in pain to participate. Please let us know about your experiences if you are a participant in any of the studies that come this way.

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