ATTENTION ALL POSTERS, The Topic of Marijuana!

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6 years 2 months ago - 5 years 8 months ago #8934 by Peter
This is a message to all existing members, new members, and all the banned members who keep coming back into the forum under other assumed aliases.

The topic of using Marijuana in any form and any of its derivatives, has been done and dusted and is from this point on not an issue that will be discussed further on this forum.

It has become plainly clear to the Moderators that certain people have decided to use the Chronic Pain Australia forum as a venue to push the case for the legal use of so-called 'Medical Marijuana'. At the present time here in Australia, there is no such thing as 'Medical Marijuana' being used for the relief of pain in any form.
Yes, there have been trials and probably ongoing trials currently under way, but there is no one in the medical profession saying that it is in normal use and indeed 'LEGAL'.

From this point on, anyone who comes into the Chronic Pain Australia forum and starts up a thread or posts into another thread, anything about the topic of marijuana use, will have the post deleted and they will be warned. If they persist, the person concerned will have their profile deleted.

This harsh action is a direct result of this forum being inundated by certain people, who obviously are using this illegal drug and whom are fighting to have it legalised. When they have been asked to stop by the moderators, they have become abusive and very nasty. So, from now on, there will be NO tolerance shown by the moderators for any of this behaviour.

Please take the above as serious, because this forum is not for the use of political activism, only for the support of chronic pain sufferers.

Thank you for your understanding!


I wish the ring (this Chronic Pain) had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. (Frodo Baggins)

So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to us. (Gandalf the Grey)
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