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Chronic Pain

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Our true believers!

We thank Australians who believe in our mission, and enjoy ongoing conversations with community groups and individuals who regularly contact us with articles, ideas and comments.


In particular, we have corporate supporters who have consistently helped us over the years in enabling our community projects and initiatives.  Some of these corporate supporters are pharmaceutical companies. When working with pharmaceutical companies we are always careful that all our work together is based on a fully transparent and ethical relationship in which any financial assistance is unencumbered. The code of ethics for our relationship is found in the Medicines Australia publication Working Together

Sincere thanks go to:







3 Messaging kindly sponsors our telephone 1800 218 912 number which enables our members and other people in pain to contact us in the office.



Pfizer Australia is dedicated to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with a range of Health Consumer Organisations. These relationships are based on integrity, respect, and transparency, ensuring the independence and credibility of both organisations. SInce our beginnings Pfizer has been supportive of Chronic Pain Australia, joining with Janssen in supporting the Pain is Not Invisible project. Pfizer has also provided funding for educational material development and other intitiatives. In 2010 Pfizer helped us by providing funding for a strategic planning event in Sydney. We have also been working with Pfizer on projects involving the Quality Use of Medicines and research in to the long term experiences of people in pain, including the release of the 2011 Pfizer Health Report featuring Chronic Pain.  Again this year Pfizer has supported us yet again as a key sponsor of National Pain Week.


Janssen Cilag

Janssen is committed to supporting the work of many community and charitable organisations. Janssen Cilag are actively involved with ongoing healthcare, educational and community support programs and have particularly been helpful in enabling us to achieve many important goals. For example, in 2008 Janssen provided substantial funding to enable the Pain is Not Invisible project which ran for two years and provided an insight into the experiences of Australians in pain. In 2010 Janssen provided support for a community awareness and education project on chronic pain and in relation to the National Pain Summit, as well as support for Chronic Pain Australia representatives to attend an educational conference. This year, Janssen Cilag is again one of our great supporters in helping us to launch Australia's first National Pain Week. Thanks to our friends at Janssen for believing in our mission!


Grunenthal Australia / CSL

Grunenthal is an independent, global pharmaceutical company with long-time experience in the development of innovative analgesics, GrĂ¼nenthal specialises in pain research and providing high-potential and reliable medications to the patient. Grunenthal sponsors Chronic Pain Australia's National Systemic Advocacy program called  "Give Silent Pain a Voice". Grunenthal is also a sponsor of our First National Pain Week


Australian Medical Acupuncture College

The Australian Medical Acupuncture College promotes acupuncture by medical practitioners as a safe, effective and unique modality of treatment within the framework of western medicine to achieve better health outcomes for all Australians. The Australian Medical Acupuncture College (AMAC) was formed in 1973 and now has branches in all states with a membership of over 600 doctors throughout Australia. The College is very supportive of Chronic Pain Australia and is a sponsor of Australia's First National Pain Week.



"The nervous system is our prime focus, integrating neuroscience, neurodynamics and manual therapy into patient management. NOI's core philosophy is to provide progressive, current material, always challenging existing management protocols, promoting professional reinvestment, and ensuring course participants benefit from the most recent research in a fun way." David Butler, who is on our International Advisory Panel, and the team at NOI, are great supporters of ours, thank you!







Chronic Pain Australia

Sometimes the journey TAKES YOU TO A PLACE UNMAPPED. Anything is possible

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