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Chronic Pain

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Interview with Paul Barclay Australia Talks - Coralie Wales and Prof Michael Cousins

Recorded in February 2010 (might take a while to download)


Interview with Coralie Wales after the National Pain Summit Canberra 2010

Open forum 31.3.10


IIR Interview - 2009
Coralie Wales on chronic pain


Radio interview ABC Gaetana Best Medicine


Use of Opioids with Chronic Pain

ABC TV's Four Corners program on September 27, 2010, titled "Oxy - the hidden epidemic", focused on the use of prescription opioids and addiction.  Chronic Pain Australia acknowledges the very real suffering of those featured in this program. It is concerning, however, that the program did not discuss the experiences of people who effectively and safely use opioids to manage their chronic pain. Chronic Pain Australia is also concerned that the views expressed in the Four Corners program could be detrimental to those who respond well to opioids. Properly managed use of prescription opioids can be an important part of managing chronic pain and improving quality of life. It would be extremely unfortunate if people who could benefit from opioid medications were put off considering this option as a result of the Four Corners program.Chronic Pain Australia supports improved education of GPs and other health professionals in prescribing opioids so that these medications can be used safely by people with chronic pain. Medications should only be part of a pain management program.

To hear Chronic Pain Australia President, Coralie Wales, discuss this issue further on ABC Radio National, click here. (mp3 file)

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