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Chronic Pain

First, understand it.

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The impact of chronic pain on the life of an Australian raised in the House of Reps Australian Federal Government by Louise Markus, member for Macquarie:

Here is the transcript:

"National Pain Week
National Carers Week
Mrs MARKUS (Macquarie) (13:57):  I rise today to draw  attention  to  National  Pain  Week,  which will occur during the parliamentary winter break from 22 to 28  July,  and  National  Carers  Week,  which  occurred last  week.  These  two  important  weeks  are  obviously connected,  given  that  Australian  carers  often  makes sacrifices  to  care  and  support  those  who  are experiencing pain.
Earlier  this  month,  I  met  with  a  resident  from  the electorate of Macquarie, Andrea Downing, who suffers from  chronic  pain  on  a  daily  basis.  As  a  result  of  this chronic  pain,  Ms  Downing  faces  daily  challenges.
Many like Ms Downing have reduced opportunities for work,  having  to  opt  for  cheaper  accommodation  in locations such as the Blue Mountains, where access to health services and suitable transport is limited.
Following  my  meeting  with  Ms  Downing  I  have reviewed  what  I  consider  to  be  startling  statistics  with regard  to  pain  that  will  be  broadly  advertised  during National  Pain  Week.  One  in  five  Australians  suffer from chronic pain. Eighty per cent of those—that is, 16 per  cent  of  the  national  population—do  not  have adequate  access  to  treatment  for  their  pain.  Chronic pain  is  a  very  real  and  debilitating  illness  resulting  in loss and a lot of misunderstanding. It is a real condition that  can  manifest  itself  under  a  variety  of  banners  and requires thorough recognition as a disability.
It  is  absolutely  critical  that  people  with  a  disability and  their  families  and  carers  are  provided  with  the regular  care,  support  and  therapy  equipment  that  they need.  Effectively,  this  government  will  pend  more
each  financial  year  on  its  interest  repayments  than  it will  spend  in  total  over  the  next  four  years  on  the implementation  of  the  National  Disability  Insurance Scheme. You can forgive Australian people such as Ms Downing  for  feeling  short-changed  because  of  the government's approach to chronic pain."

Dubbo Pain Support Dinner - Saturday 16th June Hotel Dubbo Guest speaker Dr Lynette Guy. Click here for the flyer.

Congratulations to all who made submissions about Lyrica - its been recommended by the PBAC!

Peter is having great difficulty managing his pain after a couple of really bad accidents. Read Peter's story

"You are walking with a friend discussing a popular poet. A tiny quartz pebble has found its way into your shoe and is now directly under your heel, but your friend is about to sum up and you don't want to interrupt the flow of the conversation, so you continue walking, looking interested. Stab. Stab. Stab. Soon she smiles broadly and says, "Well what do you think?" But you think nothing. You have lost the thread." read more

If you were one of the people interested in participating in the neuropathic pain and Lyrica interviews please go to the box at the bottom of this page, click the item and it will take you through to a page with more information and contact details.

SIblings of kids with disability

This DVD will assist parents, and those who work with families, to understand the experience of brothers and sisters of a child with disability and how to support them. Parents and siblings share their stories and, together with professionals, explore a number of issues. It is an ideal resource for organisations to use with groups of parents, especially given the DVD includes notes to facilitate further discussion. You will be able to view a short excerpt of the DVD on the Siblings Australia website.


Letter from Maeve Eikli, Communications and Consumer Participation Manager | Agency for Clinical Innovation

 NSW Health has convened a Taskforce to advise the NSW Minister for Health on the development of a statewide plan for chronic pain. The Taskforce includes representatives of the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Pain Management Network.

 The Taskforce is developing a report for the Minister that will include recommendations for services provided to people with chronic pain across NSW by 30 September 2011.

 To inform its input to the Taskforce, the ACI Pain Management Network is:


  •  working closely with consumers to make sure that recommendations are based squarely on the needs of people in pain, their families and carers
  • conducting a survey of all the tertiary units in Sydney to harness the practical experience and expertise of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals that provide care to people with chronic pain
  • consulting with primary care clinicians across the spectrum of rural and metropolitan services
  • building on the work of the National Pain Strategy, which involved over 150 healthcare professionals, people who live with pain, and not-for-profit bodies representing a broad range of health issues, including chronic diseases associated with pain.


The ACI Pain Management Network has established a Community Partnerships Working Group to identify priorities for patients, carers and families to be included in the statewide plan. The working group is chaired by Coralie Wales, President, Chronic Pain Australia and includes six community members that live with chronic pain. The Community Partnerships Working Group has identified draft recommendations for key outcomes of a proposed Model of Care from a consumer perspective.


To view these draft recommendations click on the following link:


You can also provide your feedback or input. The deadline for feedback is Friday 26 August 2011


To learn more about the ACI Pain Management Network please read the attached summary or contact Jenni Johnson, Manager of the ACI Pain Management Network on Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you have any questions about the ACI’s consumer participation program contact Maeve Eikli, Communications and Consumer Participation Manager, ACI on Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +61 2 8644 2169


Thank you for taking part in our survey. Please encourage others to provide feedback.




Maeve Eikli
Communications and Consumer Participation Manager | Agency for Clinical Innovation
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