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Metaflammation is a new term that describes low levels of inflammation throughout the body. When you have a full blown infection your levels are very high. Metaflammation is different. It is much much lower but constant. It has been found to be present in many chronic conditions. Metaflammation is implicated in chronic pain and is affected by diet, exercise, social connection and mindfulness meditation. We will discuss all these aspects of lifestyle elsewhere in this website.

There was an article written in TIME magazine in 2004 that put a spotlight onto this phenomenon:

"... Chronic inflammation also fascinates scientists because it indicates that our bodies may have, from an evolutionary perspective, become victims of their own success. "We evolved as a species because of our ability to fight off microbial invaders," says Dr. Peter Libby, chief of cardiovascular medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. "The strategies our bodies used for survival were important in a time when we didn't have processing plants to purify our water, when we didn't have sewers to protect us." But now that we are living longer, those same inflammatory strategies are more likely to slip beyond our control. Making matters worse, it appears that many of the attributes of a Western lifestyle — such as a diet high in sugars and saturated fats, accompanied by little or no exercise — also make it easier for the body to become inflamed..."

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In Australia Professor Garry Egger has had an interest in this subject. He spoke to the MEDICAL OBSERVER magazine about it and the article can be found by clicking his image on the right ...