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Chronic Pain

First, understand it.

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Here are some important tips for chronic pain sufferers to help break down the technology as its a main tool for our communication.

This tip is an important one.

Do you get headaches or eye strain from computers?

Here is what you can do.

1. If you are using a cathode monitor (box type of screen) then you particularly need to check your video card and monitor settings in control panel. Video Cards and Screens paint a picture many times per second on the screen, this is measured in hertz (hz) and means cycles per second that the picture is actually painted.

International standards state that 75 HZ is the minimum amount of cycles to avoid headaches. Whilst the screen may look as if it is constantly there with lesser speeds, it is in fact flickering and speeds less than 60hz are detected by the brain - the end result is that the optic nerve becomes inflamed as a result of this strain and you get a headache.

Newer screens such as LCD's are measured in milliseconds but are generally faster and generally don't apply however the video card should be checked in the control panel to make sure it is faster than 75hz in refresh rates.

2. Lighting in the room should be directly above or from behind and not glaring off your screen, Lighting should be brighter than the screen or again squinting will inflame the optic nerve and cause a headache.

3. Your position should be ergonomic with your eyes and head resting naturally and looking almost horizontally but slightly downwards and your arms approximately at 90 degrees. Ergonomics is so important that you should practice the correct technique and correct your position constantly.

4. lastly you must have a 5 - 15 minute break every 45 minutes to reduce fatigue and you should do eye exercises for at least a couple of those minutes.

These tips will help you prevent headaches from a computer screen - I hope that it helps one chronic pain sufferer to justify me writing it at this forum and make me feel I'm not sucking all the help at this forum, but giving some back in my own little way.

Jamie - aka the PC Doctor

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