Take heart, it is not a hopeless situation!

 Living with pain can be really challenging, as you know. The videos below were developed to show various aspects of the pain experience and how people manage it.

It is important to remember that when you hear your doctor saying "I can't do anything more for you, you have to live with it", what he or she is really saying is that it is important to learn new strategies for managing pain. What most people who have lived with pain say is that over time, with strategies that are individual to them, pain can become less intrusive. Over time people experience LESS flare ups, LESS distress.

Work through some of these videos, and do some research. It is important to know AS MUCH AS YOU CAN about how pain works. What affects it both positively and negatively. Even just knowing about the pain can be significant in starting to manage it.

Good luck on your pain management journey. Quick links to useful documents:


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