The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) is the lead agency in NSW for promoting innovation, engaging clinicians and designing and implementing new models of care. All ACI models of care are built on the needs of patients, and are underpinned by extensive research conducted in collaboration with leading researchers, universities and research institutions.

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In 2012 the ACI, funded by NSW Health, put together a website for people in pain. They also funded a number of books that were placed in all NSW Libraries. Here is the list.




 The following publications are available at NSW Libraries.

  1. Burch, V. (2008). Living well with pain and illness: the mindful way to free yourself from suffering. London: Piatkus Books.
  2. Burch, V. (2013) Mindfulness for health: A practical Guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring well being. London: Piatkus Books
  3. Butler, D., & Moseley, L. (2003). Explain pain. Adelaide, South Australia: Noigroup Publications.
  4. Culbert.T& KajanderR. (2007) Be the boss of your pain: self-care for kids. Free Spirit Publishing
  5. Fallon, Chris, (2014), Living well with chronic pain, Publish-me. Available at
  6. Goossens, R. (2009). Pain Management: learning to live with pain; Rockpool Publishing
  7. Miles,B. (2006). Imagine a rainbow: a child's guide for soothing pain. Washington, DC: Magination Press,
  8. Morgan, C.(2011) GrrrOUCH! Pain is like a grouchy bear. General Store Publishing House, 2011.
  9. Moseley, G. L. (2007). Painful yarns- metaphors and stories to help understand the biology of pain. Australia: Giraffe press.
  10. Nicholas M, Molloy A, Tonkin L, B. L. (2011). Manage your pain. Practical and positive ways of adapting to chronic pain. Sydney: ABC Books.
  11. Pohl, M, et al.(2010) Pain Recovery for Families: How to find balance when someone else’s pain becomes your pain too; Central Recovery Press.
  12. Sarno, J. E. (2006). The divided mind. The epidemic of mindbody disorders. New York: HarperCollins Publishers.
  13. Siddall, P., McCabe, R., Murray, R. (2013). The Pain Book: Finding Hope When it Hurts. Sydney: Hammond Press.
  14. Stuart S. Kassan, Charles J. Vierck Jr., and Elizabeth Vierck, (2008) Chronic pain for dummies, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Pub.


The following are additional resources:

Mantalvanos, Soula (2014). Art & Chronic Pain – A Self Portrait. order online
"A beautiful and eloquent short film made by Soula and her wonderful team. The resilience of people living with chronic pain is a constant inspiration".