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What's your thoughts on the eHealth records?

  • di
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5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #12445 by di
di replied the topic: Re: What's your thoughts on the eHealth records?
That's an eye opener kebsa!
I had no idea my GP reports we're considered the doctors property and not mine.

It'll be interesting to see how many others here were aware of this.
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  • grappers
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5 years 5 months ago #12449 by grappers
grappers replied the topic: Re: What's your thoughts on the eHealth records?
Even when you request your information under the freedom of information act from the public hospital it is heavily censored, and some of the notes that are written by the doctors contradict what was explained to you, and when you challenge them about it they say you must of misunderstood what we were saying, they could get away with that if it was only you in the room, but my wife always attends my appointments and she heard what was said and they still deny any wrong, it took a month to get mine from one public hospital that made 2 major stuff ups with me, one was they sent me home saying I had indigestion when I was having a heart attack, the other they banded prolapsed haemorrhoids twice instead of removing them leading to herniated haemorrhoids and an emergency operation, both subsequent operations for both stents and the bowel were done at the RAH, all follow up at the previous hospital the blame was put back onto me saying I was refusing treatment and being difficult, this part they failed to leave out on the notes I requested and do you reckon I saw red.


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5 years 5 months ago #12482 by kebsa
kebsa replied the topic: Re: What's your thoughts on the eHealth records?
i have had similar experiences grappers so i am not surprised at all sadly! having a witness with you is a goo idea but as you point out it still becomes the word of the professional against the patient and family- tough ti win! As for how e record may alter this- i do not thnk it will, they will still want to protect there own butts and if we have access to alter or amend the records there will be some medicos who just will not trust them- i have heard of situations where "dual notes" are kept for things like work cover cases and i can easily see that practice expanding if e records come in without a lot of protective legislation ( and believe it or not i can see situations where patients may remove information that then adversely affects there own care

would be happy if things started with us have free and easy access to out notes whether in the hospital system ( and yes Grappers, i have heard many versions of your experience -FOA is slow and imperfect) or in private practice. the content is about me and therefore should be accessible to me- as far as i am concerned the only reason they have to deny access or censor it is if they are trying to hide evidence of poor care etc- i have written many progress notes in my nursing career and would have no objection to them being seen by the patient

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