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Chronic Pain

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Introduce Yourself Here.....

4 days 19 hours ago #28552 by Mango
Mango replied the topic: Introduce Yourself Here.....

Peter wrote:
The problem with us fibro sufferers, we look so damn healthy and it is easy for others to point the finger of 'bulldust your sick' at any of us, anytime of the week. But yet, inside we are hurting like hell and often feeling very ill too. Not to mention never sleeping properly or much at all, then waking every single morning so stiff and in bulk pain.

This is the exact reason I HATE the question “What do you do?” So I avoid meeting people. Especially since whenever I am out I wear my “mask” as I know we all do. I even have the issue with my family. Which is why sometimes I wish I had a great weeping, bloody, pus filled boil on the middle of my head. :silly:

"It's time to play the game" HHH

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3 days 23 hours ago #28574 by pamcarr
pamcarr replied the topic: Introduce Yourself Here.....
hello new pain warriors, you have found a great place to get support from others and advice from people who understand


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