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Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis

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3 months 4 weeks ago - 3 months 4 weeks ago #28490 by mcderm
mcderm replied the topic: Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis
It is new to a lot of medical personell.They don't know much about dish.Gp is good for referrals, medications etc for D.I.S.H.(dish)
Mostly we have to stop causing the inflammation that, hence causes the artificial bone to form.
I originally had my ankle caught in a sawmill conveyor belt in 1982. I was quite young, I also did karate for 5 years.
Both of these caused issues for me.I had approx 6 operations cutting spurs out.
I have also had 3 shoulders ops and both outside the hips debridement, all to remove spurs and to repair ligaments.High impact sports or activities including operations will aggravate the dish.
Non weight bearing activities like deep water hydrotherapy is good for me.
As you probably know the enthesis, where the tendons and ligaments attach to the bones become calcified as well.
So heavy stretching, weight bearing activities etc will feel like ripping hot worn wire ropes(your tendons ) off your bones.
Its more than likely the dish is in the hip girdle.So squats, ladders, steps etc are an issue.
There is a fair bit of literature about dish on the internet.
There are also some good diagrams and you may find some good xrays etc that identify dish.
Its affecting my knees now, but osteo arthritis is now also in the equation.
Specialist won't operate on my worst knee just yet, as he showed me a pic where a person had a knee replacement, dish eventually encapsulated the artificial knee.
My experience is to google as much as you can, understand yourself that you are going to be the person that will help your condition the most.
I have it in the cervical,thoracic,lumbar, knees, hip girdle,shoulders.
I try not to twist, take things slowly, least physical activities as possible.Certainly don't lift anything too heavy without correct posture.
I get pain attacks about once a month ,that is unbearable for 2 days.Pain killers, are only a slight relief.I mean heavy pain killers and relaxants.
In the end the best is to force myself to get up and walk.Lay in a pool or deep enough spa with a couple of floating noodles holding me up and slowly just stretch out or move my legs and arms in the water.
My most recent finding was using a sauna, the heat seems to dilate the blood vessels the doc says,and gets the blood flowing.
I have been studying and dealing with dish for about 11 years. It was diagnosed when I was 48, but I had been having problems in my back since I was in my 20s.
I had an extremely hard outside working life. This compounded with dish would have caused all the problems.
We need to learn ,if it hurts,don't do it or find a new way, or alternative.Our lives have changed.Thanks dish.
Some with dish dont get much pain,others is unbearable.
Everyone's treatment may be different as other things may come into play.
Cheers Paul
Im here if I can help.One day they might find something that will dissolve the artificial bone.But first they have to identify whats causing it.Sorry if any typos.
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