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10 months 1 week ago #27855 by Wendles
Wendles replied the topic: LYRICA
Hi All
Just on the topic of medicines and their effect on your mouth. Endep also causes dry mouth like Lyrica - I am on both so have a constant dry mouth.

As my dentist tells me it is very bad for your gums and teeth for your mouth to be dry. There is many ways you can help this 1) stay away from any mint products as mint also dry's your mouth; 2)commercial sprays, gels or lozenges to return moisture back to your mouth; 3) or a natural way is dried pawpaw; 4) chew gum and lastly visit your dentist regularly.
To happy and healthy mouths:cheer:

There is always a SMILE
in your day,
you just need to find it!

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10 months 4 days ago #27884 by Harpy
Harpy replied the topic: LYRICA
Thanks wendles,
I do use it all , constantly spraying biotene spray in my mouth at night, use the same brand mouth gel during the day as well as the toothpaste . Chewing gum constantly as well, my eyes are just as bad if not worse. Use a gel in them all day and about 4/5 times a night once I do get to bed.
I haven't had any lryica for a month now and drop from 10mg targin to 5mg targin tonight,
You would think it would be improving by now.
Any other tips please.

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9 months 4 weeks ago #27894 by Johnno
Johnno replied the topic: LYRICA
H guys,
I tend to drink copious amounts of water overnight and tea during the day but the best thing I have found is fresh fruit melons,apples and oranges , I cut them up and have heaps of them .
I only cut them up and eat the whole fruit not just the juice as the fibre helps regularity

as long as I wake up alive I'm happy
Because it could be worse

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8 months 4 weeks ago #27973 by LostBoy
LostBoy replied the topic: LYRICA
Hi, all I'm new here. My name is Mike I am 30 and have been in horrendous pain since I had an operation to remove a tumour and two further surgeries trying to fix a CSF(spinal fluid) leak. After the first two I was told by the neuro surgeon that he didn't know what else to do as he'd tried his best but he couldn't fix it. The next morning he comes in and tells me that he had talked to some colleagues and he would put an LP shunt in my to drain the CSF and hopefully my body would heal and he would remove the shunt or leave it in depending on if it was causing any complications. I woke up from the third surgery and as soon as the morphoine drip was removed I was in the worst pain of my life. The surgeon said come back and see him in 4 months so my body had time to heal and he would take it out. So I go to see him and he tells me that it looks good on the MRI and he isn't going to operate again. He told me to go see the pain management unit and prescribed me lyrica. I thought that it was helping at first when I was on 50mg morning and night so I asked to be put on a higher dose as I believed it would help even more. I was on 150mg morning and night for around 6 months and the only side effect that I had noticed was my memory had disappeared, I would forget what I was talking about mid sentence it was embarrassing but I could put up with it as I thought it was helping my pain but then I started having trouble passing urine it would take literally 5-10 minutes to do a piss when I was busting to go and sometimes I'd give up as it just wouldn't come. I decided it was time to start tapering myself off and after consulting with my GP I did so but as I was nearing the end of a long taper I started having severe withdrawals resulting in migraines, fever, random twitches/jolts, a strange pins and needles sensation all over my back and vomiting. I found a lyrica support group on Facebook and realised that a lot of people had the exact same thing and the one common thing people said helped them get off lyrica was marijuana so I got some and it was true it helped with all my symptoms and after a month I stopped smoking and my pain was no worse than it was before I started taking it and my memory is slowly returning to normal and I can go to the toilet normally now. I am glad that it seems to be a good drug for some people but I'm not sure if anyone has read the trial that was conducted on lyrica that showed it was as effective as a placebo but had alot of bad side effects. You can google it if you're interested. Anyway I guess the point of this post is to say to anyone who is suffering bad side effects and trying to taper off but struggling there is hope and you're not alone. I wish everyone love and peace.
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4 months 1 day ago #28470 by Mango
Mango replied the topic: LYRICA
Just want to bump this to the top of the page, been a few questions about Lyrica recently. So here it is.

"It's time to play the game" HHH

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4 months 12 hours ago - 4 months 12 hours ago #28478 by b1b2j3
b1b2j3 replied the topic: LYRICA
I am new to Lyrica. It was prescribed because daily Norspan and low dose panadol, codeine, brufen did not help at night when excruciating pain woke me up. Works a treat. My pain meds are moderately low and varied except for the Norspan 15. After a good 5-7 hours sleep, I am active and happy again. My GP is a gem! Bye off to the lovely hydro pool.... another great medicare resource.
Last Edit: 4 months 12 hours ago by b1b2j3. Reason: forgot to add medicare & hydro pool. No one thing is the answer.

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