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Spinal cord stimulator

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1 month 15 hours ago - 4 weeks 2 days ago #28276 by Paperman
Paperman created the topic: Spinal cord stimulator
Hello everyone,

I'm 48 years old with a wife and 2 kids.
4 years ago (seems longer) i injured my cervical spine lifting large slabs of paper at newsprint mill, the disc between C7 & T1 prolapsed,
doctors, work cover etc, lots of grief and threats from my employer resulted in a fusion of the spine, 7 weeks later your good to go back to work! Bang disc between C6 &C7 ruptures.
Insurer says its not the same injury so we are not doing anything, 6mths of hassle stress pain & arbitration second spinal fusion.
Great know get a diagnosis of Chronic Pain/Complex regional pain syndrome .
Its in your head! If you can't work then no job!
mindfullness, physio,psycologists, all the therapy's and I have ended up with a spinal cord stimulator , it works great but had an electrode fracture after 5 weeks, had that replaced and now think that the new lead has also now fractured after 6 weeks.
Has anyone else had leads/electrodes fail so soon?
I'm under an insurance body
but thats another story!
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4 weeks 2 days ago - 4 weeks 2 days ago #28278 by jo.m
jo.m replied the topic: Spinal cord stimulator
Welcome to the Forum :)

Your story is a familiar read, not only that I can relate to you but I'm sure many more of our members are nodding their heads and know exactly what you mean!!!
I know that when I was offered Spinal Surgery and he told me it could affect the other levels as they may become weaker I decided against it and tried other options. I did a Nevro Spinal Nerve Stimulator Trial and was quite happy with the affects for my lower back and leg pain but not very successful for my Cervical Pain and CRPS, so I didn't feel ready to go down that road yet and decided to try other options, but knowing that when I was ready it could be a possibility for my lower spine.
I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with your leads etc thats not great :( but I hope they get you sorted soon so you can feel the full benefit again.
Good Luck and keep in touch and let us know how you are going.
I totally understand but my advise is to keep that information off the forum as they do monitor our threads and you are best to keep that information out of site of the public, but feel free to personal message me or any other member who may have any information or helpful advice for you.

Jo :)

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Last Edit: 4 weeks 2 days ago by Johnno. Reason: Jo.m you put down you were with NSW Workcover as well tut tut I’ll have smack your wrist I’ve done worse

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4 weeks 1 day ago #28287 by Florrie
Florrie replied the topic: Spinal cord stimulator
Hello Paperman,
I had a Nevro SCS and unfortunately my top lead dropped on day after implant due to vomiting, so I had revision surgery 4 months later. Unfortunately, my concerns weren't listened to any earlier when I wasn't getting any relief. I finally had an x-ray which gave us the answers! Are you strictly adhering to all the restrictions that need to be followed for the first 8 weeks? Wonderful to hear your results are so positive when leads are in situ!

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3 weeks 5 days ago #28306 by pamcarr
pamcarr replied the topic: Spinal cord stimulator
hi, I am down to have a SCS trial in the next 4-6 weeks, with the view to going ahead with the full implant, however nobody has mentioned this issue of leads - fracturing? what actually is this? and how often does this happen?

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