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Piriformis Pain

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3 months 3 days ago #28774 by Jojo
Jojo created the topic: Piriformis Pain
This is my first post although I have been checking out this site for a couple of years.Because of my complaint I did not get any help as I only read about people who were in the same boat as me without any way to recover.Still I lived in hope.Now I am posting because I want to share my experience and perhaps someone may get some relief from this debillitating condition called Piriformis Syndrome.Actually my name for it is " a pain in the bum" and it's not funny.I have had this for nearly 4 years.It has stopped me from enjoying my life.I had a cortisone injection last Nov 2017 and it did not work .So I trundled off to yet another physio who gave the same instructions as the previous one e.g. side leg stretch with elastic band etc.etc. no swimming unless just using my arms. no flipping my legs and doing breast stroke.After applying those instructions for a few months I realised it made no difference to the pain whether I exercised or not.I became so bored at the pool.I thought what the heck, makes no difference what I do so I decided to swim breaststroke as it's the only style I know.Then because I was still in pain, but less so in the water I decided to be brave and try and do breaststroke with my head under the water,which I had a great fear of doing so I bought some nose clips,then I realised I couldn't open my eyes,so a friend gave me some goggles.Wow! I loved it the stretching was so good and all the time I was froggy legging and sometimes flippering but I didn't notice as I was focused on being underwater.I went to the pool 3 times per week and each time became more confident and didn't care if the pain came back at least I didn't feel pain in the pool.The other day as I was walking my dog I was just about to turn back home,usually only half a block with a few perches on low brick walls along the way,I discovered I had no pain and decided to walk a bit further.Lo and behold I am walking now 4 blocks no pain and no stops!!It's been 18 days now and no pain!I can only put it down to swimming .I hope this gives encouragement to someone else. That's why I had to let you know just in case you like me have nothing to loose.I am definately not going to stop swimming 3 times a week such a small price to pay to be pain free.And my dog appreciates the longer walks as much as me.I hope this helps someone good luck.
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2 months 3 weeks ago #28796 by Johnno
Johnno replied the topic: Piriformis Pain
Hi mojo,

Thank you thank you thank you your tale of repair is wonderful to read I do hope this helps other pain in the arse sufferers .


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