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Love some help! Tapering off targin

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1 week 5 days ago - 1 week 5 days ago #29085 by Emsey SA
Emsey SA created the topic: Love some help! Tapering off targin
Hi everyone,

I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to get on this site. I’m really hoping for some support here as I feel like I’ve spent the majority of my last 2.5 years of pain alone.

Brief history, I injured my neck in 2015 which resulted in two herniated disks in my neck and then severe nerve pain and arm weakness down my left arm.

After 14 months of excruciating nerve referred pain ,I had neck surgery last year (C 5/6 cervical fusion) and had a titanium cage put into my neck to replace C 5/6 and a metal plate on my spine to straighten it.

In approximately March 2017, my GP put me on 80mg per day of targin (40mg 2 x a day).

I’ve tapered from 80mg starting this year to now 45mg and my pain specialist also put me on a 5mg Norspan patch.

The norspan I think helps with my pain however the side effects don’t seem worth it. It seems to cause me HUGE fatigue, vagueness and very bad constipation.

I’m aware this could be heightened due to the combination of being on targin too.

I’m trying to taper off ALL of it and wanted to try this wk seeing how I’d feel without norspan.

It’s not been as bad as I expected (I’m on day 5 of no patch) however I have noticed increased anxiety, stomach cramps and depression.

I was wondering if anyone else suffered withdrawals coming off such a low dose of norspan? I was only on it for approx 5 months.

I also wondered with targin- oxy/naloxene slow release, how others may have tapered with this and at what rate?

I do have a Gp and pain specialist of course to ask however they’ve both been a bit vague and have just said taper at the rate you can handle?!

Any help I would absolutely appreciate.

Thanks, Emily
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