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Ketamine infusions

2 years 1 month ago #25174 by Onemoreday
Onemoreday replied the topic: Ketamine infusions
...well, thank you for your reply. I,kinda chuckled...but not at you! ...or your advice or reply. I realised just how much you don't know of my situation. How much time it would take to explain enough for you...
I am on Morphine, I am on what I am told is a rather high daily dose of Methadone. 8mg Dilaudid as needed for break through...generally 4-5. That is some of the big ones.
I still am at the point after 5 years of being able to bare no more. My infusion is the only time I get any real relief.
I need a pump at home to try and enjoy any time I have
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my note.... I do appreciate it.

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