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Pain relief for short gut syndrome

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1 year 11 months ago #25748 by AlyssaKPatterson
AlyssaKPatterson created the topic: Pain relief for short gut syndrome
:( I suffer with short gut syndrome,2 meters of small bowel which has also left me with malabsorption ,b12 deficiency,I also have a partial obstruction in the small bowel and diverticular disease.I suffer diarrhea ,constipation and have to follow a low fiber diet.My biggest problem is extreme pain,I have been on panadeine forte for 11 years,have been tried on Norspan patches,slow release Tramodol,Endone and the only thing I can tolerate is panadeine forte.Unfortunately they aren't strong enough for hr pain when I have a bad time with the obstruction and I won't have more surgery as that will result having a bag which I don't want to live with,I can tolerate the normal 50 mg Tramodol can anyone tell me if they are stronger then panadeine forte.

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1 year 11 months ago #25751 by arjay
arjay replied the topic: Pain relief for short gut syndrome
Hi Suzysuzy13121312

A few years ago I had pain levels above 9 for some time due to a stuff up in an emergency ward ...,without going into details They 1st wanted to put me on morphine which had caused me to OD previously at the same hospital in the past . After much distress and angst they condesendingly gave me Tramadol which I had had previously.

This was grossly under prescribed and my local doctor a week shortly after ancreased it to 200 mgs still massively not effective. Another doctor in the same clinic a week later again put it up to 400 mgs still not enough. I boosted it up to 3 panadiene fortes still not enough and I was about to take more of them but thought I would cark it. I then went of all of them and just laid on the bed moaning for the next month when the pain levels started to drop enough to be able to at least get about somewhat.
I think this episode caused me to be super senitive to any pain and mostly I now only use panadiene extra. Its not quite as strong as forte but does not need a script. I usually take 1/2 tablet before bed each night and I find this OK.

Tramadol is an opiod but works differently to morphine and its derivatives It works for some people but not others, like most drugs. Panadiene Forte is a mixture of Panadol which helps mainly with inflamatory pain and Codiene which is an opiod and works mostly on neural pain As to which is stronger it depends upon the dosage as I say i now use only panadiene extra . 11 years is a long time but probably less addictive than Tramadol but pain has its own dynamic .

Probably check with your doctor but many of the doctors I have seen do not keep up to date with pain medication hence the large number of members still suffering needlessly. Maybe others can give you more help

Tra Arjay ;)
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1 year 11 months ago #25798 by Johnno
Johnno replied the topic: Pain relief for short gut syndrome

Ask your doctor to refer you to somebody that can identify your pain a specialist pain medicine physician would be a good place to start as your GP being what they are have to know some of one hell of a lot of illnesses.
That aside a specialist pain physician is what their name suggests they specialise in one particular thing and are very good at what they do.
Unfortunately pandadiene forte is horrendous for livers and you only have one and 11 years is a hell of lot the first thing to go on alcoholics is their liver so do some research for pain physicians and discuss it with your GP .
I hope this helps you in your search for some relief .

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1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #25921 by wingman
wingman replied the topic: Pain relief for short gut syndrome Gang Green
Suzysuzy13121312 Hi i have had half my bowel taken out3 foot of bowel when i was 20 years old had cronic diiarrhea for years burns like acid my Doctor cunsult sent me to StVincent Melb for tests i need B12 inj once a month then they put me on 1 sachet of Questran Lite it stoped the burning diarrhea but because of my S8 Meds i had constipation i eat a few prunes at night after tea and go like clock work now im on 200Mg MsConton and 2 proladone at night for pain endone fentanal 75 patch i only take take the patchs no tablets or on tablets no patchs never take both at once have a break from tablets im 64 now hadmany adhesion problems been in and out of hospital many times i had blockage the other night i am seeing my surgen next week this is not living back pain 24/7 as well of the bowel problem Bloody pain its cruel
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