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Chronic pain with other chronic conditions

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1 year 11 months ago #25855 by timothytancred
timothytancred created the topic: Chronic pain with other chronic conditions
Hi everyone! I'm Emily, 25, and I'm new to the forum. :) B) :cheer:

I just had a question about chronic pain and other chronic conditions occurring at the same time... and if any of you experience them. I was diagnosed with CRPS about 2 years ago, and the pain has spread and now I'm being tested for a type of arthritis or fibromyalgia. My specialist is saying that I do have CRPS (hooray for believing doctors!) and that I may have something else (the arthritis or fibro) contributing to the pain. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced two or more pain conditions and what the treatment was like for you?

I find out my results on Friday, but I thought it would be great to hear if others had a similar experience. Also any advice on questions to ask! It has been mentioned that the treatment will be different if it's arthritis (which I don't really want to change meds but will do it if it needs to be done!) but relatively the same as I am now if it's fibro.

Although it's a bit hard thinking about this whole process, I'm glad that i've been able to get tests done and that I will be able to know/get the right treatment and hopefully get more experience with managing my pain.

Thanks for reading! :) B) ;) :silly:

B) :silly: :side:

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1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #26390 by Amanda Browne
Amanda Browne replied the topic: Chronic pain with other chronic conditions
Hi Emily,

Thanks for sharing that. I have lived a while with both diagnosed deep infiltrating endometriosis and I also spinal problems for which I have had surgery as there were red flags to let the condition progress for functioning. I have mild spina bifida and it has given me several body suprises from around age 26. I am new to this forum too and have been using it as a bit of a source of Aus specific information.

One of my specialist docs has me tracking my pain with a chart. I am getting better at tracking my inflammatory type pain that feels different and comes only at some times with endometriosis as opposed to the other pain (neuropathic?) or nerve pain which is fairly constant since spine emergency and also flares sometimes. Good luck with your diagnosis, it sounds like you have a pro active GP. My GP has been my alley through 10 years of surviving CP and finding ways of keeping my body going as best it can, living and working. Take care

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