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Trampendol versus Kapanol

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1 year 8 months ago #26759 by rogar10
rogar10 created the topic: Trampendol versus Kapanol
I have been taking SR morphine tablets (Kapanol) I recently Chnged doctors because I needed a GP that specialise In addictive medication. After exrays showing a lo of osteo arthritis not the disease I was diagnosed with 16, years ago,it turns out that I have been taking morphine unnecessarily for 16 Years, thus I'm just an addict that didn't need morphine for all those years. In consultation with my doc, the plan is to withdrawl slowly of all meds. However, she gave me Trampendol in place of morphine. I was on 80mg of Kapanol and changed yesterday to Trampendol from Kapanol and two Days later, I'm in withdrawals . The doctor said I might feel more pain but promised me no withdrawals. But I'm incredibly weak, sweating, pain intensified and suffering insomnia. I'm Annoyed that i am suffering withdrawals when promised I would NOT. I'm on 150 mg twice a Day of trampendol and it does nothing. My plan is to come off all opiates but this medication is so pathetic to kapanol that I question the ability to come off it. I have come off Kapanol successfully 3 times by slowly reducing morphine?? I feel I have replaced a synthetic opiate for the real thing. After researching its strength, it seems to be a little stronger to tramal. Is this the reason I'm so weak and bed ridden now? Synthetic opiates don't seem to work for me after 16 Years on real opiates. Any help or advice appreciated. Regards Mihell

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1 year 8 months ago #26760 by Peter
Peter replied the topic: Trampendol versus Kapanol
Hi Mihell,

Welcome to the CPA Forum!

We cannot give you any advice on drugs at all. The only thing I can suggest that you do, is go back to your doctor and ask her why she went down this path and tell her she was wrong about the side effects or withdrawals. She is the one you need to talk to, because people here could give you information that could be dangerous to you. The reason for that is because we all react differently to all types of medication, so one size never fits all on this topic.

Please go back to your doctor as soon as you can and ask her to look at it again. You have a right to good health care and if this doctor cannot get it right, then you can pack up and go see another. Don't just blindly follow doctors if you are suffering badly and they refuse to listen to you. Doctors are not miracle workers. They are human and sometimes make mistakes or they are lacking information in their training. It is incumbent on you to know your body and your health, which is easy. Just do lots of reading and take note of how you feel and how you react to certain drugs. If it doesn't get better after a few days, go straight back to the doc and ask that they review their last decision.

Please let us know how you get on.


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