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Start Of Chronic Pain?

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8 months 1 week ago #28089 by KTF
KTF replied the topic: Start Of Chronic Pain?
Sorry. My mistake. I misread neurosurgeon as neurologist. I'll mention it to my GP but doubt anything will come of it yet. I can push for a referral in January when my health insurance limits roll over so I can cover it if I need to.

I have been a bit of a hypochondriac within the last few months after major chest pains. It wasn't a heart attack but a big nerve cluster near the heart which went haywire. Since then every twitch or spasm I have Googled extensively which is never a good idea. I've seen 5 GPs (including my current one & also the one who is my acupuncturist), an osteotherapist, a myotherapist, a chiropractor & my current physiotherapist. On top of this I paid for my own MRI & have had several CT scans & full spinal x-rays completed. All have said the same thing that my back issue is muscular. My spine is undamaged, discs show no signs of impingement & just have a slight lean to one side which has occurred over decades.

My arm issue is never really pain. It occasionally feels numb in my forearm & I get get intermittent pins & needles in a few of my fingers. It occurs a lot less than it used to when it was a daily occurrence for many hours. It is probably a pinched peripheral nerve according to my physiotherapist & GP which should improve over time with exercise.

My back issues & sciatica are all related to my initial upper back injury.

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