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Pain management - something different

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2 years 8 months ago #23213 by bluerob
bluerob created the topic: Pain management - something different
Hello and best wishes.

I've only recently joined this forum and wanted to share an experience(s) with "alternative healing."

Please excuse my enthusiasm.

Firstly, I don't encourage the abandoning of modern medicine in the fight against pain or any other condition. I've sadly witnessed this with a woman who simply shouldn't have died because of certain circumstances where she chose to ignore modern medicine. A loss to me that stings like all get out.

In 1997 I managed to cop a double strain hit of malaria. Thankfully, I was allocated to an incredible woman who was an infectious diseases specialist who encouraged the exploration of alternative therapies. I have had an interest in "weirdo stuff" since I was a kid for some reason? I still played sports and played up with the best of them, but, the "otherside" as such has piqued an interest with me as such.

Malaria is a condition that is supposed to reappear when you are run down. After having had 3 relapses, if hanging upside down nude and singing Auld Lang Syne would fix me, I'd give anything a go.

Anyways, one day I'd finished a meeting with clients, walked outside, looked up the street, saw this enormous "Alternative Healing" sign above a building. I walked in and that incredible scent that 1000 different incense packets creates, I knew I was in the right shop. I asked the woman if she knew of any shamans that were offering their services? I'd read about "the medicine man" and other native healing techniques.

I guess that I didn't look like your average "alternate therapies and tarot card" person, but after explaining my situation, the lady handed me a business card. I found myself a native American medicine man!

Cutting a long story short, I have never met a more genuine and caring man. I totally credit him with the curing my malaria and apart from that, the words of advice along the way to me over the years are far more beneficial than any pain management psychologist has provided. That's just me though and I don't know why.

No illicit drug or mind altering substances were ever used or encouraged. When we did discuss such items (i.e. the use of M as a pain killer), I was surprised that he was unsure about it, but, was inclined to say "if it works and you're not hurting anyone, what can I say, but, its illegal and I don't use it.

Again, I don't encourage anyone to abandon conventional and modern medicine, but, it seems as though some people can do incredible things with their mind.

I've been lucky to meet other people who are providing shamanic healing. Again, the most incredible, beautiful and wonderful people that I've been blessed to meet.

I've just come to accept "each to their own" and I am not entitled to judge people on what may work for them.

Hope you are doing ok if you're a bit broken, like me.
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2 years 8 months ago #23215 by Peter
Peter replied the topic: Pain management - something different
Hi Bluerob,

Welcome to the CPA forum.

First off, that depiction of you hanging upside down naked singing any song, might have helped. However, if the song had of been Kumbaya, I am almost certain someone would have shot you. THEN you would have never had any suffering after that! Hehehehehe, hahahahha!

Sorry, I just had to say that, because I cracked up when I read your comment!

We don't like to delve into alternatives here much, but the discussion is always welcome, as long as no one posts any hyperlinks to different websites that are selling services or promising cures.

But I have to tell you that you raise a very interesting point here.

The power of the mind can never be discounted with any illness, but most especially with those who suffer chronic pain, because it is indeed the brain that causes the pain, and if we use our minds to the best of our abilities, we can actually either lessen the pain or learn to live with the pain. It is amazing how much pain we can tolerate, simply by using the right techniques.

I am no eggspurt on the matter and I am most definitely uneducated in the medical field, but I am in some ways a good practical example of how the power of the mind can actually keep you living with fairly high levels of pain. And for me I have to say I had one thing in my favour and that was my age when it all started.

My first whiplash injuries and severe pain came at the age of only 3. First Xrays at the age of 9 and first lot of anti inflammatory drugs at the age of 19, which gave me a stomach ulcer at 21 and my digestive system went downhill from that point on. Life was wonderful. NOT!
More and worse whiplash injuries during 1985/6 (can't remember which year) and of course pain levels went higher.

During the younger years of my life I had endured moderate to severe pain and it had been mostly confined to my spine, but after the second one, it became body wide pain in every centimeter of my body.

I have never known what it is like to live without pain. There is nothing in my memory that I can relate to where I remember never having such high levels of pain. So to me it is just the norm. Similarly, I have never really had anything much less than moderate pain either. It has always been fairly high.
Yet I have been able to live a relatively normal life, working like a slave, doing what most men do in jobs. Until 2002 that is. My health went down the dunny and I ended up on a disability pension, unable to then get back to where I once was. The constant high levels of pain had finally worn me down, along with other outside stresses I might add, but once I got away from those stresses my life improved immensely, but I could no longer return to work.

So even though I can't work a paid job, but am able to volunteer, I still operate as a single dad to teenagers and cook all the meals, clean the house and do the washing. And I do this with fairly high levels of pain.

I have been trying to get my head around why this is so. And I am certain the link to this, lies within the mind of a 3 year old child who could not make sense of what pain was and I was somehow able to rationalise it and learn to live with it.
I have had hundreds of days all my life, and including my childhood where the pain had me writhing in agony, but all I did was cry about it, I never got depressed or felt like committing suicide. I was always relaxed about it, because I just knew it was simply a bad day and I was suffering the 'same old, same old.'

Anyway, I'm not able to make a whole lot of sense out of it yet, but I think I was fortunate to have had this so young, because I believe it has saved me a lot of anguish as a middle aged man.


I wish the ring (this Chronic Pain) had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. (Frodo Baggins)

So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to us. (Gandalf the Grey)
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2 years 8 months ago - 2 years 8 months ago #23225 by bluerob
bluerob replied the topic: Pain management - something different
Many thanks for your welcome.

I'm really sorry to read about your life circumstances with pain. That's just insane and I'm really sorry to read what you've had to endure.

Having read a number of books on both the shamanic and I guess for want of a better word, "conservative" books" the bottom line with pain is that it can be managed to some extent with "mind control" type techniques. That's the "general" consensus, but, in my view (based on talking to others with spinal damage/issues), everyone is different and what works for one may not work for others.

Forgot to mention - from my experience, anyone who says "the pain is in your head' or similar comments - they have no idea what they are talking about and should be avoided at all opportunities. Just my opinion. I've seen "it in your head" comment from 2 neurosurgeons with a friend of mine who was in tears with the pain. Because she was having some private issues going on, the "experts" didn't believe her. I convince her to visit my neurosurgeon - she has a fractured coccyx and needed surgery ASAP.

Cheers & best regards to all.

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2 years 8 months ago #23268 by cazlake
cazlake replied the topic: Pain management - something different
Hi Rob,
I too have had the " its all in your head " thrown at me on three different occasions, so I fully understand and agree that people who have not suffered cp have no idea what they are talking about. One occasion was a broken coccyx, which needed to be remove with surgery, another was chronic Vestibula migraine, which is still being treated at the moment, without much success and the other is and the 3rd was crystals in my ears, which affects my balance to a stage where I am unable to walk.
I now know that I am not a crazy lady who makes shit up, just a lady with unusual problems that some GPs and specialist do not see very often and there for do not know what the heck is wrong with someone who presents with the symptoms I did.
At the time I was devastated, sent to a psychiatrist and made to feel even more crazy, but I now realize that everyone can make mistakes, even gps and specialist if you don't have the right one for the condition you have.

In saying this I do believe that we can also help ourselves with some hard work to try and lessen our pain levels. For me a couple of things do help most of the time. One of them is music, I really love Van Morrison, Celtic blues by just about anyone.The other thing I find helpful is meditation, this I fond very difficult to start with, but now I find I can go anywhere I choose ( to a quiet place with little pain) if I am in the right environment.

Cheers for now Carol :)
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2 years 8 months ago #23270 by bluerob
bluerob replied the topic: Pain management - something different
Hi Carol

Sorry for late reply, but, I've been back in hospital for a few days.

I'm finding that meditation coupled with shamanic journey music really helps with my pain. I don't wear any feathers or think that I am someone that I'm not.

I hope that you aren't doing it too tough with your pain issues.

Cheers, Rob.

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