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Private health cover

5 years 5 months ago #14905 by kebsa
kebsa replied the topic: Private health cover
i would love it if they produced a list of ratings for all hospitals regardless of ig they are private or public. i am pretty sure they do so for NHS services now. but going back to private hospitals- have you noticed how every few yrs the private hospitals get taken over by new management groups, all those (or most)management groups are basically tyring to make a profit for shareholders and it seems as those when they have bled the poor private hospitals dry, they get sold on to another group. they only way they can cut costs after a point is by reducing staff levels (many use casuals more and more) so they can cancel shifts at short notice if they have empty beds, or call them in if they are busy and it is cheaper than using agency staff) they also may cut costs by being slower to upgrade equipment

i have been appalled at the lack of simple equipment in some quite well known private hospitals- one of them still had hand crank adjustable beds and relatively few electric ones- trying to get one that suited my disability became a major issue as was something as basic as a shower chair- they had tons of the basic type like bucket seats but they are not suitable for a lot of people with disabilities and certainly not an overweight person- then even having a wheelchair accessible bathroom- another major Adelaide hospital that had had a refit had lovely en suite rooms but the doors were not as wide as a standard door so my manual chair would not fit- so to get to the only truly wheelchair accessible toilet i had to go out of the ward, down in the lift and out into the main public foyer! not so good for someone with continence problems and there was no nurse call or emergency call button as it was a public area not a ward- i was horrified as it seems the attiude was that they would not have disabled patients, they would only go to the public hospital- its probably more just a case of saving money though. i intially had my cover with not for profit groups that tactic no longer seems to work

but even infection rates should be made public as even from a nurses point of view there is a very big difference in how well staff attend to this essential ideal- theses days with the modern had gels and easy access to vinyl gloves, there is no excuse for not cleaning your hands between each and every patient contact. even when i have been having dressings done on picc lines (should be done as a sterile technique not just the normal aseptic technique) i have seen lapses (despite them knowing i was an RN) and then they have taken offence when i have pulled them up but i will not apologise for that as i do not want to ge an infection on a PICC line that effectively goes to the heart!

when i first started as a student MRSA ( was relatively rare) and was taken very seriously, patients were swabbed if they were hospital transfers of it they had chronic wounds, permanent indwelling catheters etc.- but this is done only occasionally now- i have a permanent suprapubic catheter, the kind of thing that can get colonized- i am clear so far but neverless with all my hospital trips they should always swab that on admission but most dismiss it and i certainly do not want to come home permanently colonised with one of these bugs!. Now there are worse organisms such as VRE which is a basically a bug that is usual in the bowel but has now developed a form that is resistant to a very potent antibiotic called vancomycin. we can't afford to get slpshod about infection control. we used to have an infection control nurse who many thought was a bit obssesive compulsive but i think she was ideal- she would randomly get staff to rub this hand cream in as iff you were washing you hands thoroughly- then she would take you to really wash your hadns thoroughly in the same manner to remove it- when you have finished she would turn the light out and use a black light torch- any places you missed were glowing orange!! it was a good message- most people missed under the nails if they were not real short and then the webs between fingers- her message was that without the hand gels, if you were using soap and water it took a 3 minute wash to be sure- so a quick flick under the taps after using the bathroom just does not work!- i just always make sure i have some of the hand sanitiser with me. anoher tip she taught about public toilet hand basins was that if a person had not adequately washed there hands they would contaminate the tap handles when turning iy off meaning that even if you take care and do the job well when you turn the water off you can undo the good work- simple way past that was to not turn the water off til you have dried your hands then use the paper towel to turn of the tap- that's getting off topi but you can see how easy cross infection can happen

many places have the hand gels for visitors to use as they enter and virtually no one including staff use them - so i think as patients we have the right to see how well they manage infection control by showing us infection rates - it has been suggested but not something that will be made public in the near future in my view
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  • Ozziechick
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4 years 4 months ago #19702 by Ozziechick
Ozziechick replied the topic: Private health cover
Hi looks to be a old post but just stating i just took out private health cover, Im paying 75.00 a fortnight, for full hospital cover with things not having a 12 month wait, with Bupa, and Extras for 9.45 a week with many benefits you can claim straight away with AHM I have a friend that owns a company that will do all the homework for you, if you want to message me and i will give you her details, we got great rates for life insurance as well. yes its Australia wide, If you would rather her ring you and save on the cost of a call, or her email address just private message me thanks, great lady very friendly. Yes I was hit with all the loading as Ive never had insurance before.
Im definitely going to educate my kids getting private cover before there 30 so they dont get stumped by the loading charges. When they leave home I will be giving them extras cover while there in Uni. let me know if I can help you
cheers Julie

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  • gemini
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4 years 4 months ago #19715 by gemini
gemini replied the topic: Private health cover
Hi Julie,
Yes,good idea to make the kids aware of the System...I remember when I went out on my own after a stint overseas & Uni & my father insisted I take out my own policy..was $7.58 per month back then!When I married a few years later $9.58!As my daughters went off to Uni I took out Extras for them but once they were earning they were on their own!Saying that circumstances change & I ended up remarrying 25 years later & 3 stepkids..& everyone has their own opinions & budgets.Last month for the first time in over 40 years I have gone thru iselect & changed Providers & cover levels..was ridiculous what we were paying for!I also took out Top Hospital Cover for my daughter who has RA/AS,as she won't work again & can't afford it herself,that I know.What I've saved by changing ours about has covered more than half of hers,which is great.But,living in the NT most is covered by NT Govt,Hospital wise,including Specialist Services,there are few Specialists & Surgeons in Private Practice.The Private Hospital here is mainly for Obs/Gyn & Day Surgery.Extras available here are also limited,Dentists of course & Physios but not much else.Reflects in Premiums,when leaving QLD & changing address MBF(as it was)told me that & also that Premiums would decrease....all that before the yearly increases hit.I do feel more secure having Private Cover even though we have gone lower,mainly to save money.If we move back to Eastcoast will have to change again.But for now after procrastinating for so long we have Hospital with a different Provider to Extras.(Thanks to iselect..).Have a good day,Cheers Gemini in Darwin

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4 years 1 month ago #20523 by KylieAnn
KylieAnn replied the topic: Private health cover
I have Bupa Ultimate cover, yes it costs me an arm and leg, however I use pretty much everything I'm covered for.
it is only june and I've used my entire $1600 of physic, $1400 of psychology, $350 for new glasses, I've used a bit of dental for check ups and a filling or two, massage, even a gym/pool membership so I can do hydrotherapy/rehab. I've received money back for my blood pressure monitor. I'm not sure what else i've used but i use a lot.
I have as of thursday, reached the medicare safety net, so i now get 80% back on my out of pocket costs, which overall is not good, but is certainly a great help now.

The pupa staff at my local centre are wonderful, I was with HBF for a little while and had nothing but issues and this caused me a great deal of stress and upped my depression and anxiety levels.

Overall I love pupa, they have been amazing, their help and support is wonderful

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2 years 8 months ago #24105 by samlungu
samlungu replied the topic: Private health cover
Hello ,

I was just wondering if you ended up getting private healthcare cover an which one you decided to go with ⭐️

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2 years 8 months ago #24128 by Marley
Marley replied the topic: Private health cover
As a South Australian I have discovered that there are only 2 health funds to consider or be warned of many hidden costs.

Before taking out health cover decide what you need. Then make phone calls and ask specifically about what you need and take notes.

Be aware knees/hips/maternity/plastic surgery/psychiatric/pre-existing conditions/ambulance/transfers/rehabilitation & there might be others that will have a longer wait time. They may not have any cover at all. have higher premiums or have larger gaps.

Think about what hospitals you might use (or where doc goes) and ask if they are "preferred." If not, additional fees are highly likely. This may decide whose and what premiums you pay.

Sadly quality control and standards vary greatly and this can only be discovered when allocated a room and receiving treatment.

Remember, not all private hospitals are equipped for all procedures and are likely to outsouce some services. Before blindly accepting their offer, check with the service all fees and conditions then check the same with your health fund to see if you are covered.

A recent admission to a private hospital wanted to refer me for rehab as an inpatient at a particular facility. Despite having top cover for many years I confidently phoned my reputable fund to be shocked to hear I had 0 cover for that facility. I am glad I refused the referral and said why. It was then up to me to find an alternative as that was the only facility they used. I found an alternative checked and was covered. It cost me $0- instead of $1,500+ for a similar service.

Ask, ask and make absolutely sure of what you are covered for and gaps before proceeding with any mefical (including extras) treatment.


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