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Traditional microdiscectomy versus laser?

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3 years 3 weeks ago #22956 by wernie
wernie created the topic: Traditional microdiscectomy versus laser?
I am waiting to hear what time my consultation will be with the orthopaedic surgeon, but wanted to see if anyone knows about traditional microdiscectomy (which I've been told is most likely what I will need to have) versus laser microdiscectomy. From what I can tell online it seems to say that laser has a much shorter recovery time and you can leave the hospital that day as it's an outpatient type of procedure (whereas traditional microdiscectomy has a 1-2 night hospital stay and longer recovery and getting back into things).

IF the laser is a viable alternative that has been successful, then I would consider doing that rather than the traditional route. However, I don't know anyone who has had either done and haven't found much online as to how widely the laser stuff has been used, if it has longer term success, etc.

Would be interested to see what anyone else thinks/knows. Thanks! :)

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3 years 3 weeks ago #22957 by grappers
grappers replied the topic: Traditional microdiscectomy versus laser?
Hi wernie,
Laser discectomy I could not tell you about, traditional, in hindsight it was the worst decision I made, having it done left me worse off, caused bone spurs to grow through my sciatic nerve, requiring a second op to relieve the nerve, that has left me with permanent nerve damage, discs are still a problem on the two vertebrae that the op was supposed to fix, and the ops were an overnight stay, 6 months for recovery if all goes right, way up your options thoroughly before deciding to go under the knife.


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3 years 3 weeks ago #22959 by jo.m
jo.m replied the topic: Traditional microdiscectomy versus laser?
Hi Wernie
Not sure what level you need the surgery but I had surgery to C5/6 in January this year. The disc was pushing on my spinal cord so really needed the structure fixed. The surgery went well and I recovered well however, due to the fact that my problem had been there for nearly 15 years (with some bad management along the way) my surgeon did warn me that my problems had become so complex that it may not cure all the pain :(
I was in hospital for 3 nights, 2 weeks in a collar and 6 weeks no driving.
The surgery recovery was a walk in the park compared to the pain I live with on a daily basis BUT despite the structure being fixed my pain is still severe and my symptoms are not majorly improved. I do have peace of mind though that the structure is fixed and don't regret the surgery for that reason.
A friend of mine recently had lumbar discectomy and has recovered really well in 6 weeks with no pain now but her pain was acute and so hard to compare to a chronic problem.
Good luck with your decision making
Jo :)

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