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2 years 2 months ago #25199 by Iamacup
Iamacup replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES
Hi all,
Just a quick update, I have adjusted to Norspan and managed to reduce my Tramadol intake. Everything has settled down a bit more and i am enjoying the stability of transdermal delivery over oral delivery. It is a much more stabele method of anagesia delivery I think. I am not convinced they last a full 7 days thouh, there does seem to be a dip in the relief between Tuesday and Thursday, I change the patch on Wednesday morning. Still very early on in my Norspan journey.
Some side effects have increased, but the kind of ones I want to discuss on an open forum ;) even my fiancé doesn't hear about those.

All in all i am doing quite well after the change, managed to be stable enough to fel like I can drive again, which means I am back to being able to get in to work a few days a week. Very pleased.

Thank you for the support.

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2 years 2 months ago #25200 by WAP
WAP replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES
Hi lamacup, I am pleased to hear you are getting a better result and hope that that continues.

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2 years 1 month ago #25441 by WAP
WAP replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES

little mick wrote: Not meaning to sound rude but I did ask my question, "I am wondering the long term affects of Norspan patches as I can not find much." and was hoping perhaps some here had been on them for a longer constant period than I had and may offer some insight.
As for my injury it is currently under legal action so I can only give rough details.
In the industry since 9, currently mid 30's and was operating a machine feeding timber into it to be dressed (shaped before sanding) and had a piece 4.5m long approx recoil toward me. Clipped the side of my hard hat and struck my shoulder from above. Lost all feeling in my left arm, there was more than a finger width between my shoulder socket and my collar bone. Had 5 vertebrae displaced between my upper shoulders. Was and still am unable to put arm behind back, or touch opposite side of my waist, also can not lift it above shoulder height in any direction and am unable to lift more than 4kg.
I do not know the medical terms so I will say it as best I can as I am terrible with medical terms. I will try put it they way it was told to me.
First surgery I had 3cm from the end of my collar bone removed, medium to large bursitis removed and the joint ground "clean" and reseated.

Second surgery I had a bone spur removed that was damaging surrounding tendons and muscles, a larger bursitis removed and had to have the joint re-cleaned and re-set.
Had on-going issues with sciatic shocks, spasms that cause my the area from my head to mid back to go dead straight and several other arm, neck and back issues all to do with muscle and nerve damage.
Hope this is enough info and as I said above I can not find any information about long term effects and was hoping for some first hand information.

Mick let me say OUCH!!!!, I am also sorry taken so long to answer as the mail went to my junk folder -- I have been on these 10mg patches since September (10 months) I was getting a lot of vomiting etc for a few months but that seems to have settled now and also the pain has also eased A LITTLE not totally -- after 12 months your Dr has to send you to another Dr for you to be checked on -- so answering you question I don't know if there are any downsides -- but I would ask your chemist -- they always know even more than the Drs

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2 years 1 month ago #25491 by little mick
little mick replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES
Totally understand and appreciate the reply WAP.
To start off with a side note after a recent Dr's visit we worked out I have been on Norspan for 14 months now, 10 months at 40mg.
Gladly I never got the vomiting that you describe, though I have never been one to do it even when very ill, from Norspan but came very close when I was being trialled on various Epilepsy medications and the like to aid with muscle relaxation.
I have several chemists I have to visit in my area as not all have the monthly supply of my medications, even found that only a few stock Norflex 100mg tablets, and most have told me they are unaware of any long term side effects from these patches.
Some of the recent issues I have begun to suffer, listed in the medications side effects, is slightly larger veins under the skin and drying of the skin. Now these have not been a big issue till combined then they caused the skin in my nose to start cracking and have ended up with splits which turned to scabs inside each nostril a few centimetres in length. Coupled with the stress and anxiety issues it resulted in some nose bleeds that barely stopped over 2 or so weeks. While not the best for my also diagnosed depression I found I have had to remove myself from several activities to bring these to an end.

Appreciate to all that have tried to offer some enlightenment and I shall continue to post any symptoms I suffer here so then there is at least some form of record of long term side effects that another may find useful.

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2 years 1 month ago #25527 by WAP
WAP replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES
I have ben on the patches now since September 2015, I have been a lot better and I thought I would try and maybe cut down ( I am on 10mg) every 7 days ) I let the patch go another day over -- but the pain increased -- did that 3 times and the pain increased everytime.
I have not had any vomiting of late -- maybe ???? that was caused through the other meds for my gut (sulfasalazine) because of the damage that the Antibiotic
(ciprofloxacin) did to me and that was in 2013 and I am STILL getting over the effects for that.

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2 years 1 month ago #25566 by replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES
Hi little Mick,
I was on norspan 25mg for just over 4 years, for the first few months i had very bad nausea, i was taking maxalon to help that, i was also on tramadol 200mg at that time, i had to stop the norspan and i ended up with a servere reaction at the patch site, my arm would swell to nearly twice its size and the itch was unbearable. I am now on fentanyl patch 25 mg these are a three day patch, i have been on them for almost 5 years as well as lryica 200mg morn and night, i havent noticed any long term effects yet and hope not to .
Keep us posted ,


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