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5 years 6 months ago #13621 by BIY
BIY replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES

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  • grappers
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5 years 6 months ago #13625 by grappers
grappers replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES
Pharmacists are suppose either tell you or hand out information on any medication you use, if you try to move it now it will not stick to the new area, if it does it will not last 7 days without falling off.


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5 years 6 months ago #13628 by TheresaD71
TheresaD71 replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES
Mine just aren't sticking and they aren't cheap either, I cover mine with a waterproof film as well...These things are a pain lol


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5 years 6 months ago #13633 by weather
weather replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES
I'm quite shocked you weren't given the lecture from the pharmacist, with the leaflet showing you what to do Mrs. Shingles, most importantly NOT to put it near your heart, etc...

I didn't have problems with them not sticking either but I don't live in a humid city and it wasn't summer. I actually got better relief from them than Oxy but I had the Temgesic (tablet form) to go with them and if I didn't react after 5 weeks I think I'd still be on them to be honest, but I had the matching meds???? Who knows, I hope they start working for you soon!!


I react to 80% of medications very differently to others, DO NOT EVER let one one MY stories EVER stop you from trying something. We are all so different. It might be the key to relieving your CP. May your trip on The-Med-Go-Round be a short one!

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  • Collins
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5 years 6 months ago #13636 by Collins
Collins replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES
Hey Fee/ Mrs Shingles

I never recalled a warning about placing it near the heart, as the instructions say chest/ back etc as you stated.
Not that I doubt it, especially if yu have heart relatd issues etc

Check with your Doctor just to make sure as the instructions can be very difficult to understand or comprehend sometimes.
e.g. nearly all instructions will contradict themselves such as a stupid statement like do not take with other medication even though your prescribed others by your Doctor - lol

The Norspan patches can be rather nasty on the skin though, they can have bad side effects upon your skin, they often irritate the skin for many people and make many get itchy as a result of the reactions. Lots of people react to elastoplast as well.
It takes a while for the skin to recover so make sure you dont place the patch on the same area for at least six weeks!
Even if your tempted to put it on the same spot (directly on the injury)

It is helpful to ask for a medicine review when you trial new meds or change meds, this is free under the medicare system and is done by a pharmacist, who then advises your G.P. about meds that may react/ or better meds that may help - remember that G.P.s are just general practioners not experts in drugs like a pharmacist is, thats why its always good to get them working as a team together for you individually to get the best most effective treatment plan. I have had a pharmacist advise my Doctor to change medication types before myself, so it can be reassuring at the very least.

I seem to be doing better on the targine than the norspan, but its still early (only a couple of days)
I'm actually glad to get rid of those itchy patchs - they annoyed me a little every now and then! - lol

hope everyone here is helping you at the moment, but see your Doctor and Pharmacist about any concerns.

While I'm here - I have to say - how are you my dearest fee - how are you going!
I'm so glad your here posting still after all this time - you taken to this forum like a duck in water!
Your really an asset to this forum as well with your lovely nature, kindness, caring and helpful manner!
I have been meaning to say for a while - I love you too and I always love to read your posts!


One of the silent voices, supporting CPA

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5 years 6 months ago #13993 by Aetherone
Aetherone replied the topic: NORSPAN PATCHES

Mrs Shingles wrote: I put the patch on my left hip in the probably silly idea that it will work faster on the hip that gives me the most trouble.

Wishful thinking I'm afraid. The receptors it targets are in your brain :silly:

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