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Fact or Fiction

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5 years 6 months ago #13519 by braddo1972
braddo1972 created the topic: FACT OR FICTION
hey hey hey I was in Nambour Hostipal receantaly and someone there told me I had rebound pain from the painkillers . This is How dumb they were they actually prescribed me stronger ones when I left. Go figure one minute they were saying you don't need them the next they were saying you may need them forever. This is why I'm confused about the whole nightmare . :woohoo: ;)

life can be cruel I will get up an win.facet
joint deseise , bulging discs , mechanical pain neuropathic .

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  • grappers
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5 years 6 months ago #13520 by grappers
grappers replied the topic: FACT OR FICTION
Braddo where they the same tablets, because long term use of codeine has this effect, after you have just taken them they give pain relief and when it wears off you get rebound headaches, have not heard of any others but I may be wrong.
You are on the waiting list for the pain clinic aren't you, the period before getting into a pain clinic is very confusing, remember you are dealing with doctors who have no or little training in dealing with Chronic Pain. I just wish CPer's were referred to and seen by pain clinics early on, would save a lot of heartache and confusion on the part sufferer, they are getting better than what it use to be, but far from perfect yet, one reason why CPA fights for all that suffer, the voice is getting bigger and change will come.


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5 years 6 months ago #13522 by Peter
Peter replied the topic: FACT OR FICTION
Well, I don't know about anyone else, but if I take too much by way of strong drugs (and it doesn't need to be much), even too much codeine, I get a whopper of a headache. It's like a hangover headache, but a whole lot worse and lasts a lot longer.

For me, I think it is my brain's inability to cope with the medication or type of chemical used. But then, I also have bad reactions or allergic reactions to strong drugs, since having had Serotonin Syndrome.

So, maybe my case is different altogether.


I wish the ring (this Chronic Pain) had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. (Frodo Baggins)

So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to us. (Gandalf the Grey)

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5 years 6 months ago #13527 by kebsa
kebsa replied the topic: FACT OR FICTION
I could no agree wiith GRAPPERS MORE! it takes way too long to get seen by a pain clinic or even referred to them, because we all know that even with the referral it can be another 12 months to get to the actual clinic- in the meantime it is a case of dealing with medical and paramedical staff who have a very poor understanding of chronic pain- speaking as an RN i can point out that unless things have changed in very recent times, pain is only really dealt with as a symptom of other conditions - so they concentrate on fixing the problem- they do not educate medical staff regarding the fact that chronic pain has changes within the nervous system that make it a group of conditions in their own right that can often be treated better if dealt with early but most f us have had problems for years or even decade before being referred to a pain unit- along he way that poor understanding means that you have to deal with anything from sympathetic but ignorant staff to those who believe all chronic pain patients are basically drug seekers or patients with munchnausens syndrome! and if you try to find a doctor who is supportive you risk being labled as a doctor shopper as well- i can remember how one hospital used o divide patient referrals into those with compensation claims and those without because those with potential insurance or compo claims were seen to have potential secondary gain issues (benefit from positive family attention or financial payout!) i had serious pain issues for close to 20 yrs before i was seen in a pain unit and i was terrified to be seen in the clinic and be labled as a chronic pain patient based on what i had witnesed- once i got to the pain unit i got positive help and support, it did seem slow process but then after 2 decades of other doctors assessments and treatment to weed through it could not be a quick process bt i have not looked back since- i have had bad periods but that has beeen mainly due to additional issues such as a degenaritive neurological disorder, a serios fall and spinal fractires etc but they have been supportive- i would go as far as saying that had i gotten to a pain unit quicker i may still have 2 legs not one!- i know from talking with the nursing staff at the pain unit, a big part of their role is to get the message out about chronic pain and is management. but while you are waiting to get to those pain unit specialists you will come up with misinformation, conflicting information and some really atrocious predjudice at times although i think (or perhaps hole) that is decreasing somewhat- i guess the rest of us can help agitae to get the message out that more funding needs to be put towards chronic pain units as there just are not enough around~

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5 years 6 months ago #13532 by Collins
Collins replied the topic: FACT OR FICTION
Yep I agree with grappers and Peter.

Most medicines have withdrawal pain as well which is counted as rebound pain - most opiates have this effect
e.g. 12 hours after tramal runs out it sets pain into me - not just from the nerve pain coming to life - but withdrawal pain from the tramal starting withdrawal pain - this is actually written on the pharmacist sheet that comes with most opiates

I am the same as you Pete since my serotonin overdose - So its not just you - I think its an increase in the brain activity that generates pressure that causes the vessels to swell up and thus we get headacahes - reason being that if I thin with an aspirin or hot water(shower) it gradually reduces the headache (can take a few days - but it decreases instead of staying constant) - for me its like a bloody ritual I have to go through every time you get a headache coming on - or it just dont go away at all! - take an aspirin and lay down and sleep in the shower to reduce pressure - you could almost call it a tension headache thats precipitated by opiates and/ or codeine in strong dosage

Kebsa - it can be hard to see a pain specialist but 12 months is just too long - I make sure I see mine within three months at the latest (she always squeezes me in god bless her) - this is the most important person/ medical coordinator that tweleve months is just too long - I dont know what you can do - but you need to find a way to get more regular help from the pain specialist
G.P.s are just general practioners - they have no idea on pain in a specialist sense - I dont know how many times my pain specialist has overridden other specilaist and G.P.'s in treatment plans, but everytime sh has, I am very glad as I get further in better treatment each time as a result
Yes your right - most people with Chronic pain have to deal with a high sympathetic nervous system that makes us lose memory and become narrow minded with anxiety/ fight or flight symptoms from the adrenalin - its not just about the pain issue! The sympathetic nervous system can give you IBS or a heartattack all by itself let alone shutting down your anicillary parts to your body - How can a G.P. treat that? - He cant ! Thats a pychologists help needed not a G.P! (education is a powerful control) Chronic Pain can only be treated by a multidiscipliary team that is coordinated by a mental health nurse/ pyschologist and Pain rehabilitation specialist as a minimum - thers no shortcuts if you wnat to get proper treatment and help, its that simple.

I will just add one more thing in response to your great post Kebsa

I learnt very early after years of develloping lots of mental issues and even schizophrenic connotations and bringing the world upon myself in a huge way, finally learning not to give a stuff what others thought about me when it comes to getting treatment or meds.
Being susceptible to alienation / discrimination/ stereotyping/intimidation and/or stigmatising tactics by others will give you huge mental problems, that you just dont need at all - its hard enough fighting the sympathetic nervous system running at full load without adding extra mental burdens - I learnt very early to fight it with a vengeance to the point of being successful in the end and coming out the other side after it all (back to sanity - lol!)

I dont give a damn whether anyone calls me a drugattic/Doctor Shopper or any other ignorant intimidating stigmatising name they can think of - I only care about getting the meds and the treatment I need to make life bearable and tolerable. Without my meds I wouldnt have survived, its that simple. When I first come to CPA, I was in a really bad way - some here will remember my first post was about euthansia / suicide, thats how bad people had me twisted -and the worst offenders were G.P.s! I have learnt there are many ways to fight stigmatisation including giving them a instant burst of verbal abuse/ ignoring them, but by far the best way I have learnt to fight it - is to just agree with them and laugh it off!
Who cares what they think - I just want my meds and my treatment.
So having learnt all this - I consider myself a stigmatisation vigilante and whenevr I hear people such as you mention Doctor Shopper - I post my story and try to reinforce the message - who cares what they think - dont fall for there mental stigmatisation tactics - just laugh at them and do what you have to do - IF someone calls that Doctor Shopping - so be it!
Would'nt be the first time for me to give a Doctor the flick or go to another Doctor to get a prescription for something another Doctor would'nt prescribe! Doctors are people too - they are not infallible or immune to being stupid sometimes.

I have never abused the system, thats all I need to remind myself of to feel at ease with myself - I have no problems Doctor Shopping if I need a med that one Doctor wont give me - if another Doctor prescribes that med it in good faith, them I can feel justified in having an appropriate response and doing what I had to do.

Unlike some others in society I like many here have to live with Chronic unbearable pain 24/7/365, I dont get respite on my birthday or xmas time either. If a painkiller prevents me from wanting to end the pain forever, then rejecting or laughing off stigmatisation from others is a small price to pay for taking the edge off constant breakthrough pain and allowing me to continue on living without fear of wanting euthanasia.

Sincere Regards

One of the silent voices, supporting CPA

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