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5 years 6 months ago #13655 by braddo1972
braddo1972 created the topic: general questions
i would like to see a general questions forum . eg is anyone else falling asleep on gabapentin . is it normal to feel sick the first couple of days

life can be cruel I will get up an win.facet
joint deseise , bulging discs , mechanical pain neuropathic .

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5 years 6 months ago #13667 by titan55
titan55 replied the topic: general questions
hi braddo.i have been on gabapentin for a while now and i know when i first started,i felt sick as in the tummy and i was super tired for about 2-3 days before it all settled down.i just upped my dose of gabepentin and i felt really tired the first day and sick in the tummy again and then i was ok.hope this helps you.take care.

chronic migraines and headaches for over 25 years.
intercystitial cystitis.
chronic facial pain due to allergies
irratable bowel syndrome
chronic upper tummy pain

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5 years 6 months ago #13685 by Santosha
Santosha replied the topic: general questions
Did anyone else experience weight gain.
Within two months of going on Gabapaentin (many years ago) my weight increased by 20kg.
No it was not due to eating.
I sort of wish it had been.

I would like to see an area where we can access a different form of help.
I live in Queensland so it might be different in other states.
A page where CPers can access some useful info on ACCESS TO SUPPORT

for example,
After my accident, i was in lots of pain.
I was not in a space to be a great advocate for myself and my needs.
While I asked lots of people, including Family, Friends, GP's and Specialists ( this is not dumping on them) , they were unable on the whole to suggest options for me on how to manage in my new situation.
I was in severe pain - and it took a long time to get the doctors to understand just how much and how it was affecting all areas of my life.
I wasn't capable of being a good advocate for myself. I was physically and emotionally exhausted.
I couldn't work and still don't after ten years.
I didn't have access to work cover.
I didn't know that i could access my superannuation, not that I personally had any.
I was trying to get access to medical help, and contributions financially to my medical expenses from an increasingly disinterested and later very adversarial insurance company.
Nearly lost my house. I was self employed with my own business up until the accident. Had no income other than Centrelink.
Lost my business that I had built up over more than a decade, with no money coming to me from its demise.
I consulted a legal service for help. This was new to me, i had never used solicitors in this way before. I had to take on a no win no pay mob because all my cash had evaporated paying for medical expenses, cost of living, avoiding bankruptcy.
The solicitors were dopes but it took a few years before I realised just how bad they were doing their job.
The insurance company was so adversarial, I was trying to resolve the pain issues and knew I needed help but didn't know where to turn for it, who to ask, what to ask for.

My lingering pain is nerve based, from being hit by a drunk driver so i am told.
i don't know ( i don't remember much ) if they were drunk or on drugs ( others present told me he was ) but who seemed to disappear from the accident scene, got away with it too, no one in that four vehicle accident wanted to have to sue the guy personally for repairs to their vehicles. They tell me they believed he would get his insurance cover dropped if they knew. It was innuendo all a mess.

Had a breakdown from the stress, spent months in hospital.

The story continues.
We all have a story, I'm sure.

My point is that from my experience I have learnt a few things.
Things I that would have made the process easier, the stress less, the pain would have been better managed with less side effects. Everything wouldn't have been perfect, that is not what i am saying, just easier.

Whilst there seems to be a growing amount of information on pain management.
I don't see anywhere that has brought together a succinct package of information on surviving the process of making it easier.

I would love to see a page entitled ACCESSING SUPPORT DURING THE JOURNEY
one place that could direct people to services that can help
one place that tells people what help they are entitled too
one place that tells you who to call, what specifically to request, when in need.

Whether it be information on
- access to carer payments, when your spouse is taking time off work to look after you, go to appts, do your chores.
- access to home help services funded by the government that you can get each week
- access to programs such as medicare funded 'mental health plans' that give you free access to good mental health services.
- access to advocacy groups for the times when you cannot do it yourself.
- etc etc

The info is out there, we have all discovered a service or something that could be of use to others. But how do we make their journey easier than ours was.

If others think it is worthwhile, we could with help create a page or something that we and others could benefit from.

Anyway, it's a thought that has been burning away for years, I just don't have the energy to do it.
Maybe it is already out there.
If so please tell me.

Have a great night


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5 years 6 months ago #13794 by Red
Red replied the topic: general questions
Braddo, a great idea for a general question area. i can say when I was first started on gabapentin, I was very tired. Don't feel like it affects me now, but have been gradually decreasing the dose. On saying this i do really need to rest during the day - could never manage without a rest. Who knows if this is from the meds or CP. Never felt sick, but think I was lucky.

As for weight gain, I am fighting it very hard! Put on over 20kgs from anti epileptics a few years ago, have lost that weight. Last year I could put on over a kilo a day on Lyrica, lost about 8 kilos that I had gained back and now just watch every mouthful... And do the 'eight hour' diet. It is so demoralising to have CP and then to put on weight as well.

Iain, I think it is a great idea to have a resource page. One of the big lessons I have learnt from this CP is how rotten and unfair a lot of it is, and how it is a massive learning curve. If there is a resource page it would be really beneficial to all of us. I had worked in pain clinics, palliative care, oncology etc etc over the years, felt I was a very good advocate for others. As for me, I was going to be better after six weeks! So this is over two years ago and have decided I am a hopeless advocate for me - far too emotional. If I had a page to refer to, at least I could have double checked if I had followed up everything I should have.

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2 years 4 months ago #24741 by Rachg
Rachg replied the topic: general questions
I went to my neurosurgeon for a review visit after having what he called emergency surgery for a slipped disc L4/L5 affecting the nerve. I think they shaved the bone to make extra room or something like that cause they said we took a while fair while longer because you bone was so tuff. I felt a little relief after opp but never 100%. Anyway I walked back into his office with lots of questions before I had even sat down he said I looked at your latest scan you have scar tissue in that area we can't see exactly what's going but it may/ will affect the nerve ( my bottom just reaching the chair) this is only thing that will help with any pain but they are expensive so I can write u a script or not if you can't afford them it's u to you well do you want the script?? I said well if it's the only thing to help I guess I better take it. As he was writing he said start with 1 tablet and increase every 2 days till you reach three or if you feel a max of 4 a day. Thanks for seeing me. And he was at the door with it open before I had even picked the script up. I took the 1 gabapentin before bed around 9pm went straight to sleep woke the next morning and could hardly move. I couldn't coordinate my body normally I would literally be drooling and I'd just sit there and stare into space till someone distracted me. My speech was slured as if I'd been drinking, I had a headache and I felt nauseous. It would ware off slowly till I felt normal around 11am. So I didn't increase I just kept at it for about 6 weeks it got a little better to where I could wake up each morning sort of help my son get ready for school but it was like I was extremely drunk I would say random things and act like a drunk person till about 930 then a feeling of an extreme hangover would set in. No pain relief or difference at all that I noticed. So Gabapentin was not for me at all!! Thinking that was all I could do and my gp not really offering any other option, I don't take pain killers and I prefer it that way, meds seam to have a strong affect on me. Even panadol makes me sleep for 4hrs and if I don't sleep I feel a bit groggy.
About the weight gain there was no way I could eat in the morning but from about midday I was starving and I put on some weight in that 6 weeks of hell.
So once again the pain journey is showing to be different for everyone.
Good luck.

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2 years 4 months ago #24779 by Garycl
Garycl replied the topic: general questions
Though weight gain is not a clinically significant side effect of Gabapentin; there are some studies highlighting the fact that weight gain can occur on Gabapentin, especially when taken at high doses. The exact mechanism of the gain is not known, but suspect it's mostly water retention, since the weight usually fluctuates a lot. You can begin to counteract this side effect by trying to eat a heart-healthy diet, which is one rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat or fat-free milk and milk products, lean meat, beans, poultry, fish, eggs and nuts. Some targeted exercise and improved eating habits can help you control the weight gain. Hope that you find something to help you too.

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