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1 year 7 months ago #26967 by dianescott
dianescott replied the topic: general questions
I am on Gabapentin after being floored by Lyrica. I guess we all are different. After the first couple of weeks on Gabapentin the fatigue subsided and I am doing OK.

Lyrica, made me a zombie.

I hope it all works out for everyone.


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1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #26997 by penskifiles
penskifiles replied the topic: general questions
Good to see the gabapenton has worked well for you vonriga i had a really bad reaction with the lyrica floors me and gives me a feeling of dissociation my doctor switched me to gabapenton im on1800mg a day it does help a bit i have crps and if i can get just a little bit of help from a medicine or anything for that matter im willing to give it a go after a while (years ) you tend to clutch those straws
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1 year 3 days ago #27867 by Nona
Nona replied the topic: general questions
Hi guys

I found this forum whilst researching Palexia and as I said on that discussion, I suffer from chronic osteoarthritis and suffice to say that if I didn't have any bones, cartilage or tendons, I would never need to see a doctor! :S

I also wasn't keen on the Lyrica as I was put on it after having a major infection in my right knee 3 years ago. After about 3-4 months, I started having ulcer-like pain in my stomach so my GP told me to go on Pariet.

Then last November, after an operation on my left knee, I was prescribed 75mg Lyrica by a pain specialist. Because of my concern about ulcers, my GP reduced my day dose of Lyrica to 25mg but kept me on 75mg at night with the Pariet.

After 8 months on the Lyrica dosage, I ended up developing AFib and tachycardia so weaned myself off them slowly. I felt like death during that time and now will not touch Lyrica even though it helped considerably with the damaged nerves in my back!

Just reading other people's stories on the internet about their bad reactions to the drug make me feel glad I made the choice to discontinue it!

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