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GP's and Phone Approval's / Pain Meds

4 years 2 months ago #20215 by grappers
grappers replied the topic: GP's and Phone Approval's / Pain Meds
Hi Pained NSW,
The new studies into long term opiate use has determined that after prolonged use the body actual starts to create pain from taking opiates, in other words increased pain, and not just to the injured area, it can affect the whole body.
I have been on Kapanol slow release now for over 5 years as it is the only opiate or pain medication I can tolerate, now my pain specialist wants me to try something different, the main reason for this thinking is, I have had a spinal stimulator fitted, highly recommend if you are offered a trial take it, but I will get back to that later, since having the stimulator, my pain has been reduced, and yet he is troubled as my back spasms and sciatic pain down my leg isn't behaving like he thought it would, they were expecting my spasms to stop and less sciatic pain, which is now spreading to the right side.
They have put this down to being on long term opiates, the reason for the change which will start next week on my visit to him, the medications they are going to try I have had before, they don't agree with me and cause terrible side effects, they still want to try as they reckon your system changes, we'll see but I can tell I am not looking forward to the change over.
Back to the stim, as I said if you get the chance of a trial jump at it, like all things to do with Pain, we are all different the stim is the same, for some it changes everything, like me, I was living in 10+ pain 24/7 and restricted to one pain medication that only took the edge off, depression hit hard, as I can not take antidepressants either, so when I had the 7 day trial, for the first time in years I slept for more than 1-4 hours over a 4 day period, I was getting 5-6 hrs every night over the 7 days, and then the trial was over, the pain returned and only a short time after the leads were removed, I went through the public system what should of been 8 weeks for the final implant took over a year, but now i have the implant and life is better.


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2 years 3 months ago #24979 by WAP
WAP replied the topic: GP's and Phone Approval's / Pain Meds
I can sympathise with you however NOT a good idea to use 2 Drs as one might give you a medication that can be very dangerous given with another -- the chemist is the best person to ask about this --taking some medications together can wreck your kidneys and also cause many other dreadful things

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2 years 1 month ago #25632 by fat pete
fat pete replied the topic: GP's and Phone Approval's / Pain Meds
All i can say re oxy is after being put on 60mg x 2 a day for 15yrs by the pain clinic i was diagnosed by the gastro specialist with narcotic bowell syndrome.which to me is just as bad at times as my back and leg pain..i wont be able to take opioids again.really right from the get go the oxy would just dull the pain but it never really gets rid of i just suck up the pain..i have good days and bad opinion is that by using two different doctors to get two different opioids you are abusing those meds and you are definately doctor shopping..good luck with it all..

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2 years 1 month ago #25633 by Johnno
Johnno replied the topic: GP's and Phone Approval's / Pain Meds
With all medication we need to be mindful of what we can damage internally and ensure suitable amount of fluids and fibre in our diet , I personally ate fruit rarely ,I now eat an apple,orange & mandarin every day and porridge with psyllium husk,chia seed etc for breakfast.

as long as I wake up alive I'm happy
Because it could be worse

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11 months 4 weeks ago #27878 by sam65
sam65 replied the topic: GP's and Phone Approval's / Pain Meds
I have had the most awful experiences with our local clinic since our family GP left.
When he was leaving he said "it will be very difficult for your family after i leave".
I now realise why.
I have had multiple surgeries for breast cancer and also necrosis and surgeries on my right knee starting at eight years old.
It is 5 am and i have been sitting up all night again in pain and trying to recover from antibiotics to which i am allergic.
I am a carer for a young teen with multiple mental illnesses from a rare genetic illness.
Since our beloved family GP left almost two years ago i have had to see a constantly changing series of learner GPs the clinic sponsors.
The only pain killer i take is panadeine forte which i have been taking now for four years.
I have had a govt authority script for this and have never asked for any other painkiller.
without this med i cannot move my upper body or walk after two days.
I don't have a car and cant afford taxis all the time or use public transport.
After my last chemo which was an experimental treatment, i ended up unconscious in hospital for two weeks while multiple antibiotics were flushed through my system to save my life.
I became allergic to all penicillins and moxyfloxacin and ciprol and others.
The warning my old GP put up on my file was ignored and i was given Ciprol again two weeks ago and told by a random GP that it was ok .
I am still recovering from the severe athralgia and still am unable to properly move my leg or my shoulders. My chest particularly the site of my breast surgeries is so painful.
My eldest came home from uni in the ACT and took me back to the clinic and became extremely angry as yet another random GP refused my authority script for painkillers and refused to acknowledge my reaction to Ciprol.
She went to our chemist who said she will list all the antibiotics i am allergic to so the GPs cant give me any i am allergic to or any from the same 'families ' again.
This GP denied i had a treatment plan and treated me like a drug addict.
I am over fifty years old and resent this as i have been offered so many stronger painkillers but refused as i have to provide 24 hour care for my young mentally ill teen.
All of this is (was?) documented.
I could have died from the antibiotic and now am in more pain from the side effects.
It is the third time i have been given antibiotics i am allergic to and also the third time refused my painkillers.
My eldest daughter wants to make a complaint to the govt health care complaints commission (?) but i am scared they'll refuse to see my family if she does this.
Being cynical i cant see how my treatment could get worse except by blanket refusal of treatment.
I just dont know what to do.
i will be unable to physically care for my child if i dont see an empathic doctor.
Thankyou for listening.

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11 months 3 weeks ago #27882 by WAP
WAP replied the topic: GP's and Phone Approval's / Pain Meds
Hi Sam, I really feel for you,

Having been put on Cipro in 2013 and STILL having to suffer the dreadful results from it I do NOT know why they hell they are allowed to give it to anyone -- darn near killed me and has left me with continuing gut problems --I would advise anyone to not take ANY Flouroquinalones at all and to research all about them -- there is even a forum on them.

All I can say is hold your ground and DO NOT be bullied by any Drs etc stand up and demand that you are not given ANY medication that you have had an allergy to, I had to do this and it is not easy.
I wish you well -- I know thats not of much help though.

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