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Fast digestion and pain meds

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1 year 10 months ago #26598 by wildturkeycanoe
wildturkeycanoe created the topic: Fast digestion and pain meds
This is a little bit of an uncomfortable topic but I'd like to know if anybody has had similar situation.
With using Targin there is literature in the attached pamphlet that says the capsule [or matrix] of the medication can sometimes be passed through the body without being completely digested. Another way to put it is that the tablet comes out looking the same as when it went in :ohmy: .
In my case, this has happened quite often. This led me to try and research if it was normal and importantly, if the tablet has done its job before leaving my body. I know from eating certain foods, like corn which doesn't get digested, that my food can take less than 12 hours to go from point A to point B. I wonder if the Targin is being completely absorbed in that time? With a capsule that doesn't necessarily get broken down into nothing it is hard to know if the ingredients have been extracted.
Now I've only noticed this in the last six months or so since starting on Endep for nerve pain, as it seems the Endep has eliminated the constipation I used to get with the Targin. It is either that or merely coincidence, though I also guess if the Targin isn't being absorbed then the side effects of it would also diminish. My pain levels certainly haven't been improving either.
I've raised this issue with my GP who hadn't heard of it being a problem, so he is going to research it before I see him in a few weeks time.
Anyone else have a similar situation?

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1 year 2 months ago #27597 by Anthony
Anthony replied the topic: Fast digestion and pain meds
When i first started taking Oxycontin i too was a bit shocked to see a tablet come out looking the same as it went in, however these medications have a wax formula or now a plastic kind of one to deter abuse. So even though it comes out looking the same, all the medication has essentially been absorbed unless you are having food poisoning etc and pooping it out after having taken it.

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