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When GPs Answer to Everything is MORE MEDS!

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1 year 7 months ago #26962 by Shellpain
Shellpain created the topic: When GPs Answer to Everything is MORE MEDS!
Im going to the GP today.
My husband tried to apply for Carers Allowance and was knocked back for only one GP marked 6-12mths for how long I was going to need care for.
I find it ironic seeing health professionals such as GPs and Pain Med Specialist is managing my pain with bilateral cortisone injections in my spine that dont work and answer my increased pain levels with incresed dosages.
I get it that marking "Terminal" or "Permanent" to my condition seems "far fetched" to them, being exposed too more visible conditions such as Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease....but I dont feel that there is anything "Temporary" about my condition.
Yes, I can dress myself...but I avoid putting on pants, havent worn heels in years and stopped wearing any footwear that has laces or buckles.
Yes, I can get out of bed unaided but if my child screams in the middle of night, it's my husband that attends to it coz of the time it will take me to readjust my pillows and get up.
Yes, I can walk unaided but i avoid long walks, day outs and climbing stairs.
Yes, I can groom myself but I dont dry my hair, cut my toenails or shave.
The only boxes that I can tick comfortably are things relating to my "mental state". My pain affects me socially, makes me depressed, affects my ability to work fulltime, my that's it then, it's all in my head???
My hip is giving me grief and i want to request scans but i know what my gp will say. "What's the point of exposing yourself to radiation? You know it's an affect of your scoliosis and degenerstive disc disease. You will feel better once you drop the weight and become more active.
It's like being trialed for assault and your only way out is to plead insanity.
The only comfort I have is that there are more "insane" people like me than they think or care to know about.
I was inspired by Michael Clarke being the National Ambassador for Chronic Pain....but since being appointed I haven't seen his face since nor any stories or cases or public awareness about Chronic Pain.
If you're not in a wheelchair or assisted by a walking aide, society treats chronic pain like it's self inflicted and we need to just get over it and deal with it!
Why do other people's opinion on chronic pain mean so much to me? Is it coz I think I should be doing more about it? But then I think, arent I? And what's the point of making people without chronic pain understand....they'll never get it. At best, the only people without chronic pain that understand are the poor loved ones who look after them. But they shouldnt be as young as my boys. At 42, I still want to be the mum that takes them for long walks, plans a day out and chases them through the park.
Is that too much to ask to do that without being stoned for half the day?!

Make pain your friend. Make it your kryptonite. Make it your superpower. Every time you (eventually) go to sleep be proud of yourself that you got through another day. I may not be in good shape but dealing with my pain has given me a six-pack spirit. Too blessed to be defeated (EllyLahLah)

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1 year 7 months ago #26963 by jo.m
jo.m replied the topic: When GPs Answer to Everything is MORE MEDS!
Hey EllyLahLah,

Isn't it amazing how your GP anticipates you will be better in 6-12 months!!! Ask him or her how he is going to get you better? It really just shows the lack of knowledge doctors have about Chroinic Pain!! I am lucky I have a GP who's special interest is Chronic Pain so he never makes me feel bad about myself and is always trying to make things better for me. A rarity I think, so will hang on to him!! It's so difficult to change GP's as it just looks like you're doctor shopping and that again makes us feel bad.

All the things you said below I felt myself nodding to :( life is so different living with pain, but we have to move forward and get on with it :( I'm 46 and have lived with chronic pain for over 16 years and my girls were only 2 and 4 when I had my accident, so have grown up with me trying my best NOT to let it affect our time together, but restrictions have always been there and I have not been able to participate and just watch!! Frustrating most of the time but they have grown up to be very understanding and patient young women which I am proud of. Sometimes its the hard times that bring you closer and help with the understanding. (not always I know!!)

Good luck with your GP, I hope you get it through to him or her what you need for the carers allowance.


"Just thinkin' about tomorrow
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When I'm stuck with a day that's grey and lonely
I just stick out my chin and grin and say, oh

The sun will come out tomorrow
So you gotta hang on
'til tomorrow, come what may!"

Annie - The Movie

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